SS bio The band started taking form towards the end of the 90ís when three friends began developing possible ideas for songs together. At first there was lack of both players and places to practice. But in the beginning of 2005 everything changed: the group was fully cast, it got the name Six Shooter and the training began. Gigs consisted of heavy rock covers of a certain Finnish cult-status band. The publicís reception was good and we even managed to squeeze in one of our own tracks on an album made with other local bands. In the autumn of 2007 three members decided to quit the band, and it was back to square one again.

The entire year 2008 was spent searching for new members but it was worth it. Eventually, 66,6% of the Six Shooter crew was changed, along came the new element - keyboards, and the ensemble got better than ever. Framework for the new songs took form and our plans for the future were re-checked. This time we started off with completely new songs of all our own and the new Six Shooter was born.

The recordings of the CD-EP 'Maniac Ballet' began in August 2009 and the EP was released in mid-October. The debut was hopefully just a mere example of what is to come. The motivation and the devotion of the members were extremely high.

We went back to the studio in May 2010 to record our sophomore CD-EP 'Decadence Blackbay Revival'. We took our time laying down the tracks through the hottest of summer in Finland`s recorded history. By the end of September, we finally got the stuff together and DBR was ready. This time around, Ana also contributed to the song writing process with two songs to further enrichen the Six Shooter listening experience. Due to the positive feedback we got from 'Maniac Ballet' we didn`t want to change the formula that much, but soundwise we aimed for a bit more 'punk' this time. In discreet Six Shooter style of course.

A music video is in the works, rehearsing is well under way and live shows should be expected any time soon...

Current line-up is: Qrone - voc, Brynner - gtr, RiQ - gtr, Ana H - kb, Nieko - bs & Jope - dr.




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